Learn | Think | Eat

Our aim is to reduce the risk & incidence of diet related disease by engaging, educating and empowering children & young people to make mindful food choices.

We would like to invite you to support “Snack Habitat – the home of healthy snacks & habits” initiative.

The Snack Habitat concept has been designed to encourage kids to think of their bodies as precious habitats which should be looked after.  As snacking is a major determinant of obesity, our focus is on redefining the snack and using taste education as the first step in giving children skills and knowledge to make mindful food choices.  

Using food as the point of engagement, all our activities etc address aspects of wellness - social, spiritual, emotional, environment, occupation, intellectual & physical.  We concentrate on the psycho-social aspects of food (ie the fun bit) and encourage learning about other food related issues like the environment.  

We feel Snack Habitat has the potential to significantly contribute to the health and education strategies addressing childhood obesity and diet related disease in Australia. We are sharing our ‘open-source’ concept with all likeminded organisations, foundations and philanthropists, in order to maximise its potential to change habits and create a generation of healthy children. 

We see ourselves as being part of a collective with a shared ethos to enhance and nurture children’s wellbeing through participatory education.  We feel Snack Habitat is also a rare opportunity to contribute to the early stage development of a long-term social enterprise program.  We hope that you will consider joining us to achieve positive outcomes for the children we all care about.